Two-rooms apartment in pastel colors for a couple in Kyiv
The project of the BR INTERIORS studio in Casual format with available materials in a modern style.
Details of the projects

In this project the main idea for designers of the BR INTERIORS studio was to create the most comfortable space without pretentious details, but with taste and original solutions for the couple in Kiev. The total area of ​​the apartment is 69 m². To use space in the best way, it was decided to create an open area, which will connect the kitchen and living room. From the hallway and dining zone they are separated by an interior sliding partition in an aluminum profile.

Light, cream, beige shades were used for the basis. Accents: wall panels from MDF in the head of the bed in the bedroom, as well as a wall in the living room with decorative painting applied on it.

The space of the kitchen and the living room is divided by the bar counter, which functionally zoned the room. Snow-white panels advantageously shade the concrete base of the wall and veneered lockers.

Bright chairs and carpet in the living area give the whole space a special dynamic. And a calm, gentle bedroom seemed to be created for complete relaxation and rest.

In the bathroom, special attention is given to highlighting mirrors and lockers. Such step sets a special atmosphere. Also, the apartment was able to place a separate dressing room, so that all clothes were in order.

All built-in and cabinet furniture are developments of the BR INTERIORS studio. Soft furniture from the company SITS. Dining table – Calligaris. Dining and bar chairs from the NICOLAS factory.