The space for a beautiful life from BR INTERIORS
Joie de vivre – so in French they talk about the ability to enjoy life, savor every moment of it, celebrate it!
Details of the projects

With this expression we associated our last customers who ordered a design for their new apartment. Young, energetic people in love – they know how to live a life beautifully! And they like to share their energy with friends, inviting guests and arranging parties.
Therefore, when developing this project, we tried to make it exactly the one that would correspond to the lifestyle of its owners. Sophistication, beauty, comfort and mood of feast – that’s what we wanted to invest in this project. Let’s see what happened!

The first design decision was to unite the kitchen and living room areas. So, to receive guests here was even more pleasant. For a basis we took the sated dark shades, diluting with a marble – in furnish of a kitchen apron and an islet.
In the related area the dominant place was occupied by a long sofa. Everything here – from a low table to natural decoration materials – is calling for some kind of relaxation. 
The bedroom turned out dynamic due to the game forms. Rectangular large soft bed and circles in the lamp and picture – at the same time complement each other, and create the right contrast.
In the interior, a combination of classic molding with wall panels in a modern style was used. The flooring in the kitchen-living room and bedroom – parquet Chevron. Illumination: chandelier and sconce Cohtardi, magnetic track lighting. The furniture – by Minotti and Poliform.
The bathroom is made in marble Orobico with plumbing Agape. Dark colors, hanging cabinets, the availability of space and attention to every detail – make this place truly special. So as the whole appartment!