Real Parisian Chic in a Kiev apartment
Luxurious apartment in neoclassical style with marble floor in the bathroom and bright furniture.
Details of the projects

Apartment with high ceilings young creative girl inherited. Wishing to preserve the classical appearance of the dwelling, but at the same time to add the rhythm of modernity to the space, the customer applied to the BR INTERIORS studio.

The total area of ​​the room is 130 m². In this case, the task of the studio was to deal with such spaces as the living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom, leaving the bedroom and dressing room in its original form.

The proposed redevelopment involves zoning in two parts: public and private. The first includes the premises of the kitchen, dining room and living room, which are located on the same axis, and create an end-to-end perspective. Private area – bedroom, dressing room and bathroom create a second axis. Zones are divided by the corridor.

The style that was used in interior design: neoclassic with elements of art deco, in some places – modern. White walls act in this project as a canvas, which allows designers to paint using bright furniture. Kitchen, dining table and bathroom filling are designed by BR INTERIORS. The rest of the furniture is from the Minotti and Wittmann factories.

Special attention should be paid to the bathroom, in a romantic French style. A stylish classic detached bath is the main accent of space. Marble floor, as well as facing the shower – gives it a special charm. Thin lines and rich colors in furniture make the interior dynamic.

The fireplace in the living room is also lined with dark marble and echoes with a smoky picture on the wall. The green sofa is the main subject of the room. It is shaded by a yellow sideboard and original lamps (designed by BR INTERIORS designers).

The dining room and kitchen are separated by a glass wall. Exact lines in furniture, gentle shades, original lighting and a lot of air make this space unusual, emphatically stylish at the same time – comfortable for life!