Lliving room interior for a lady with a dog
Fancy and modern living room interior for a lady with a dog.
Details of the projects

In this project, the main task for BR INTERIORS studio was to unite the kitchen area with the living room and to embody in the space salon interior. Such, in which it is so pleasant to take a cup of tea and to spend time with pleasure in the company of close people!

Designers of the studio offered to create an open-space, where the kitchen area is represented by a suite and an island, and the rest of the area is given to the living room.
Many natural materils are used, and through textiles it was possible to add color accents in the interior. Different lamps made the atmosphere even more festive. And when there is a need to create a romantic atmosphere, this task will be handled by an artificial fireplace, harmoniously blended into the wall.
The hostess of the interior also owns a friend – a Yorkshire terrier. In the kitchen area there is a special place for it.

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