About us

BR INTERIORS is a modern interior design studio, specializing in luxury residential projects and interior yacht design.

Our principles
1 Personal approach

At the heart of every idea for BR INTERIORS stands the customer!
That's why the space created by us always has its own unique character and is a reflection of your qualities, habits, aesthetic and taste preferences. We create a space for life, in which everything that you love and appreciate, gets its own, harmonious and unique place.

2 Global trends

As experts, we ourselves are guided only by the best in the industry, and we can also orient you in the novelties and trends of world producers.

3 Uniqueness

Each project of BR INTERIORS is unique. Whether it is the interior for living (houses and apartments), the commercial project (shops, restaurants, showrooms, salons), offices or non-standard projects (yachts, helipads, hunting grounds), the experts of the BR INTERIORS studio have experience in each of these areas, and are ready to offer an exclusive, beautiful and comfortable option for your new project!

4 Practicality

We believe that the interior should not just be a beautiful picture. A real, lively interior is one in which there is a place for your habits, favorite subjects and hobbies. Which expresses your character. Worthy to demonstrate your status. Remaining at the same time comfortable for life. 

5 Service and Privacy

We highly appreciate our customers. And we know that sometimes they prefer to leave what their new home looks like – just for themselves. We respect every decision of our customers, and we always follow agreements in exact way. 

6 Mobility

Show-room and office of the BR INTERIORS studio are located in Kiev. But for us it will not be difficult to undertake projects in other cities, and even countries!

7 Development

The status of experts helps us to always keep up. We do not stop at what has been achieved, we strive to develop and ready for new challenges!