Details of the projects

BR INTERIORS Studio suggests you to join a charity event: we offer contemporary art for sale – paintings by Ukrainian artist Anna Degterova. Part of the proceeds will go to charity.

Abstraction No. 13 Canvas, oil. 80x90cm 2017.
Price: 10 000 uah.

This picture is a manifestation of the emotional state of the artist, which ignores the objective content, rejecting realism and recognizability of the form. The process of creating abstraction involves distraction, the apparent rejection of those objects, properties and connections, which complicate the consideration of the object in “pure form”.
Harmony of colors, the ratio of colored spots, lines and textures is the artist’s main task. When considering this work, the viewer can feel the shape and mood of the work that transmits and delve into them.
Garden. Paper, oil, acrylic, 61×86 cm, 2017.
Price: 5 200 uah.

Abstract work from a new series, which combines oil, acrylic and watercolor paints. All this creates a very interesting impression of lightness and unusual. This romantic painting is called “Garden”. Looking at it, it seems that we lie on the grass and look at the sky, and the leaves are playing with us, covering the review. The blue line means modernity and some divisiveness, a world where harmony of nature and its gifts with artificial materials, such as plastics or metal, are harmoniously combined.
Abstraction №2 Canvas, 100x100cm oil 2017.
Price: 10 000 uah.

An abstract work in which the dynamics of lines and color restraint have successfully combined with bright accents in the form of wide orange smears. They can create an image of fish at sea or ships that have entered the port from the height of a bird’s eye. The painting took part in the Second All-Ukrainian exhibition of abstract art from the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Raven. Canvas, oil, 100x90cm, 2016.
Price: 12 000 uah.

Very interesting work on composition and plot. On the one hand, here – alienation, tension and cold, on the other – romance and dreaminess. We see a woman with a crow in the city. The city itself seems rather abstract. This picture makes us wonder what the heroes bring to the city: hostility or protection.
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