Trusting us your space, you can be sure that you will get a result that will hit you at a glance!

If you are tired of stamped interiors, or you want your space to have an incredible interior – services of BR INTERIORS are just for you!


Architecture is combination of a science with an art of designing and construction, harmonious location of buildings in surrounding environment. And it always aimed at one thing: creation of comfortable conditions for life and work, improving conditions of person`s existence.

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We are ready to overtake all the fuss and bother starting from developing the project, coordination of all technical documentation, obtaining permits, communication with regulatory authorities, budgeting and conducting construction works, by the time you get to your  house!


Interiors Design

Everything that makes life easier and more comfortable – is embodied here! Our projects are characterized by practical functional beauty, a successful combination of aesthetics and ergonomics, the use of high-quality environmentally friendly materials in combination with the latest technologies.

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The space in which we spend our time – home, work, or whatever – or gives us inspiration, brings joy and pleasure. With BR INTERIORS Casual this wading becomes affordable!

Designer supervision

By ordering the author's support for repair and construction works on the implementation of the design project, you save your time and money. And all what you should do – just enjoy the results!

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By cooperating with us, you always have access to explaining the drawings or sketches provided. From our side, we provide labor force and we select (by ourselves or with you) materials for repair, construction and decoration, as well as furniture and interior items.

Product design

Author's furniture from the designer is exactly what will give authenticity and uniqueness to any project.


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You can get acquainted with the elements of the subject design in the section "Subject Design", or in our showroom.